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 Jackie Ng

Assistant Professor



MPhil (PolyU)

BA (PolyU)



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Integration of mediation and moderation
Structural equation modeling and multilevel modeling
Cross-cultural research methodology

Personality and psychological well-being


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Cross-cultural Psychology

Psychology in Health Care
Foundational Competencies


Selected Publications:

Ng, J. C. K., Au, A. K. Y., Wong, H. S. M., Sum, C. K. M., & Lau, V. C. Y. (2021). Does dispositional envy make you flourish more (or less) in life? An examination of its longitudinal impact and mediating mechanisms among adolescents and young adults. Journal of Happiness Studies, 22, 1089–1117.


Chen, S. X., Ng, J. C. K., Hui, B. P. H., Au, A. K. Y., Wu, W. C. H., Lam, B. C. P., Mak, W. W. S., & Liu, J. H. (2021). Dual impacts of coronavirus anxiety on mental health in 35 societies. Scientific Reports, 11, 8925.


Ng, J. C. K., & Chan, W. (2020). Latent moderation analysis: A factor score approach. Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 27, 629–648.


Ng, J. C. K., Cheung, V. W. T., Wong, H. S. M., Leung, S. M. Y., & Lau, V. C. Y. (2020). Is it helpful to believe that efforts will lead to positive outcomes? Two cross-lagged panel investigations among adolescents and young adults. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17, 7585.


Ng, J. C. K., Lau, V. C. Y., & Chen, S. X. (2020). Why are dispositional enviers not satisfied with their lives? An investigation of intrapersonal and interpersonal pathways among adolescents and young adults. Journal of Happiness Studies, 21, 525–545.


Hui, B. P. H., Ng, J. C. K., Berzaghi, E., Cunningham-Amos, L. A., & Kogan, A. (2020). Rewards of kindness? A meta-analysis of the link between prosociality and well-being. Psychological Bulletin, 146, 1084–1116.


Hui, C. M., Ng, J. C. K., & Shieh, N. J. (2020). Perceiving changes in responsiveness from the relationship partner’s behaviors. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 11, 835–845.


Li, S., Ng, J. C. K., & Hui, C. M. (2020). For you and for me: Harvesting the benefits of prosocial spending in romantic relationships. The Journal of Positive Psychology. Advance online publication


Ng, J. C. K., Chan, W., Kwan, J. L. Y., & Chen, S. X. (2019). Unpacking structure-oriented cultural differences through a mediated moderation model: A tutorial with an empirical illustration. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 50, 358–380.


Ng, J. C. K., Cheung, V. W. T., & Lau, V. C. Y. (2019). Unpacking the differential effects of dispositional envy on happiness among adolescents and young adults: The mediated moderation role of self-esteem. Personality and Individual Differences, 149, 244–249.


Chen, S. X., Lam, B. C. P., Hui, B. P. H., Ng, J. C. K., Mak, W. W. S., Guan, Y., Buchtel, E. E., Tang, W. C. S., & Lau, V. C. Y. (2016). Conceptualizing psychological processes in response to globalization: Components, antecedents, and consequences of global orientation. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 110, 302–331.


Chen, S. X., Lam, B. C. P., Wu, W. C. H., Ng, J. C. K., Buchtel, E. E., Guan, Y, & Deng, H. (2016). Do people’s worldviews matter? The why and how. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 110 (5), 743–765.


Chen, S. X., Benet-Martinez, V., & Ng, J. C. K. (2014). Does language affect personality perception? A functional approach to testing the Whorfian hypothesis. Journal of Personality, 82, 130–143.


Current Research Projects:

PI - Spurious moderated mediation effect: A methodological remedy (funded by RGC Faculty Development Scheme, 2020).


Professional & Community Service:

Ad hoc journal reviewer for:
American Journal of Psychology
Asian Journal of Social Psychology
Current Psychology
Educational and Psychological Measurement
European Journal of Personality
International Journal of Psychology
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Journal of Happiness Studies
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Nature Human Behaviour
Personality and Individual Differences
Research Synthesis Methods
Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal