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Assistant Professor



MPhil (HKU)

BSc (Nottingham)


2766 5738


Social Policy;

Social Innovation Policy;

Poverty relief


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Programme Planning and Evaluation

Social Planning and the Policy Process


Selected Publications:

Chan, C. H., Chui, C. H. K., Chandra, Y. (2021) The role of social innovation policy in social service sector reform: Evidence from Hong Kong. Journal of Social Policy; 1-19.


Chui, C.H. K., & Chan, C. H. The role of technology in reconfiguring volunteer management in nonprofits in Hong Kong: Benefits and discontents (2020). Nonprofit Management and Leadership; 30: 89 – 111


Chan, C. H., Chui, C. H. K., Chan, K. S. T., & Yip, P. S. F. (2019) A study on policy innovation in Hong Kong: The role of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund in fostering the social enterprise sector. Social Policy and Administration 53 (6), 903-919


Guo, Y., Chang, S. S., Chan, C.H., Chang, Q., Hsu, C-Y, Yip, PSF (2019). Neighborhood environment and cognitive function in older adults: A multilevel analysis in Hong Kong. Health & Place 58: 102146.


Chan, C. H., Wong, H. K., & Yip, P. S. F. (2017). Associations of relative income deprivation with perceived happiness and self-rated health among the Hong Kong Chinese population. International Journal of Public Health, 62 (6), 697-707.


Chang, Q., Chan, C. H., & Yip, P. S. F. (2017). A meta-analytic review on social relationships and suicidal ideation among older adults. Social Science & Medicine, 191(Supplement C), 65-76.


Current Research Projects:

The Second Evaluation Study of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund, funded by the Efficiency Office of the HKSAR Government