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Global youth positive development

Social and Cultural Capital


Integrated health and social services and policy

Mixed Methods Research

Advanced Quantitative Methods


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Freshmen Seminar

Practice Research in Social Work

Integrating Health and Social Care


Research Interests:

Global youth positive development

Social and Cultural Capital


Integrated health and social services and policy 

Selected Publications:

Fung, V., Lai, A.H.Y, Yam, C., Wong, E.*, Sian, G. & Yeoh, E.K. (2020). Healthcare vouchers for better elderly services? Input from healthcare services providers. Health and Social Care in Community. Manuscript accepted


Leung, K.M., Orekoya, F.; Bailey, A. J.; Lai, A.H.Y.; Chan, K.Y.; Lam, T.L.(2020). Health of youth in transition in Hong Kong. International Journal of Environmental Research in Public Health17, 3791.(Impact Factor 2019: 2.85, Q1 journal ranking in Public, Environmental and Occupational Health)


Lai, A.H.Y., Chui, C.H.K*., Deng, S. Y. & Jordan, L. P. (2020) Social resources for positive psychosocial health: Youths’ narratives of a street dance performing arts program. Journal of Social Service Research, doi: 10.1080/01488376.2020.1725715 (Impact Factor 2019: 0.93, Q2 journal ranking in Social Science (Miscellaneous))


Lai, A.H.Y* & Wong, K.Y. (2019). School socialization, cultural learning, and cultural connectedness: The identity of Yi ethnic minority youth in rural China. In Rural China in Focus: Political, Environmental, and Social Issues. New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers.


Lai, A.H.Y., Chui, C.H.K*, Wong, K. & Chan. C. L. W. (2019). Academic motivations of Yi youths in China: Classmate support and ethnic identity. Journal of Educational Research, 112(4), 550-563. doi:10.1080/00220671.2019.1602820 (Impact factor 2019: 1.40, Q1 journal ranking in Education)


Lai, A.H.Y.(2018). Yinhertiance: Cultural Celebrations for Ethnic Children Minority well-being. Retrieved from: HKBU Library Digital Scholarship Project website: https://digital.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/yinheritance/ethnic.php?lang=en


Lai, A.H.Y.*, Zhuang, K, Yam, C, Ayub, S, & Yeoh, E.K. (2017). Vouchers for primary health care services in an ageing world? The perspectives of elderly voucher recipients in Hong Kong. Health and Social Care in the Community, 26(3):374-382. doi: 10.1111/hsc.12523 (Impact factor 2017: 2.039, Q1 journal ranking in Sociology and Political Science)


Lai, A.H.Y.*,Chui, C.H., Lo, P.H.Y., Jordan, L. & Chan. C. L. W. (2017). The buffering effect of child-caregiver relationships: Social skills development of ethnic minority children with maladaptive behaviors in rural China. Children and Youth Services Review ,79, 333-340. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2017.06.038 (impact factor 2017: 1.52, Q1 journal ranking in Education and Social Work)


Yeoh, E.K. & Lai, A.H.Y.(13th December 2016). An Investment for Celebrating Aging. Policy Research Reports No. 7. Our Hong Kong Foundation.


Ho, R. T., Lai, A.H.Y.*, Lo, P. H., Nan, J. K., & Pon, A. K. (2016). A strength-based arts and play support program for young survivors in post-quake china: Effects on self-efficacy, peer support, and anxiety. The

Journal of Early Adolescence, 37 (6) 805-824. doi:10.1177/0272431615624563 (Impact factor 2016: 1.83, Q1 journal ranking in social sciences and life-span and life-course studies


Ho, R. T. H., Fan, F. M., Lai, H.Y.A.*, Lo, P. H. Y., Potash, J. S., Kalmanowitz, D. L., Nan, J. K. M., Pon, A.,K. L., Shi, Z. B., Chan, C. L. W. (2012). An expressive arts-based and strength-focused experiential training program for enhancing the efficacy of teachers affected by earthquake in China. Creative Education, 3(1), 67–74


Chockalingam, R., Raghavan, R., Agrawal, G., Lama, G., Lai, H.Y.A., & Yadama, G (2011) Understanding geographic variations in body mass index in india. CSD Working Papers No. 11-13. Washington University in St Louis


Current Research Project

Principal Investigator. School Ethnic-Racial Socialization, Ethnic Identity, and Psychological Health in Context: Truku Indigenous Adolescents in Eastern Taiwan (Jan 2021-Jan 2023). Project Number: 12605320. Funded by General Research Fund (HKD $591,960).

Principal Investigator. Evaluation Project on a Career Development Program for the Future Orientation of Secondary School Students in Hong Kong (Aug 2020- Aug 2022). Project Number CS100PH01. Funded by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services (HKD 90,000).

Principal Investigator. Ethnic Identity Development for Psychological Resilience in Yi Orphaned Adolescents (Oct 2018- Jun 2021). Project Number: 12603418 . Funded by: General Research Fund (HKD 481,981).

Principal Investigator. Platform Communities for the Co-creation of Social Trust in Young People via a Youth Neighbourhood Network: An Implementation Science Study (Apr 2020- Oct 2020). Project Number: SR2020.A2.009. Funded by Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (Special Round) (HKD 318,322).

Principal Investigator. The Developmental Well-Being of Yi Ethnic Minority Children in Rural China: A Risk

and Resilience Perspective (Sept 2017-Sept 2018). Project Number: DSG 100SW01. Funded by: Hong Kong Baptist University Digital Scholarship Grant (HKD 100,000).

Co-Principal Investigator. A Trans-Disciplinary Big Data Hub: Investigating the Social Mobility, Poverty and Diversity Nexus (Oct 2016- May 2020). Project Number: SDF160603P01. Principal Investigator: Professor Adrian Baliey. Funded by: Hong Kong Baptist University Strategic Development Fund (HKD 4,000,000)

Co-Principal Investigator. Provision of Consultancy Service on Means Test of Samaritan Fund and Community Care Fund Medical Assistance Programmes (Dec 2017- Dec 2018). Project Number: 136373784. Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Roger Chung. Commissioned by Hospital Authority (HKD 1,480,000)

Co-Investigator. Epidemic Intelligence and a data informed risk assessment system to inform policy decisions critical for maintaining systems control of COVID-19 in strategies to enhance recovery. (Jun 2021-Jun 2024) Principal Investigator: Professor E.K. Yeoh. Commissioned by Food and Health Bureau

Co-Investigator. Protective Informal Social Control of Child Maltreatment, Adolescent Health Behaviour, and Empathy: A Nationally Representative 2 Wave Panel Study of Mothers and Adolescents in Nepal (Jan 2021-Dec 2023). Project Number: 17615120. Principal Investigator: Dr. Emery Clifton. Funded by: General Research Fund (HKD 808,464).

Co-Investigator. Evaluation of Kwai Tsing District Health Centre (Sept 2019-Sept 2022). Project Number : 136603387. Principal Investigator: Professor E.K. Yeoh. Commissioned by Food and Health Bureau (HKD 25,252,930).

Co-Investigator. Motivations for Political Participation and Reconciliation Measures: A Mixed Methods Study on Young People in Hong Kong (Mar 2020-Sept 2020).Project Number: AR2020.A8.023. Principal Investigator: Dr. Cheryl Chui. Funded by Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (Special Round) (HKD 230,661).

Co-Investigator. Consultancy Study on Pilot Scheme on Support for Elderly Persons Discharged from Public Hospitals after Treatment (July 2018- Feb 2020). Project Number: 137817906. Principal Investigator: Professor E.K. Yeoh. Commissioned by Social Work Department.(HKD 2,948,493)


Professional & Community Service

Psi Chi Psychological Association