Date: Wednesday, November 25 2020

The Social Invocation Regional Forum (SIRF2020) was held on 20 November 2020. Dr CHANDRA Yanto, Associate Professor at Department of Applied Social Sciences and Director of Centre for Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship (CSPSE) was invited to be one of the speakers in a thematic session.


The thematic session featured 4 speakers surrounding the topics on “Regional Landscape on Social Innovation”. Dr. CHANDRA shared his insight on “Predictors of Social Innovation Performance”. He presented the review and ongoing study on social innovation projects and CSPSE’s works on promoting social policy and social entrepreneurship.


SIRF2020 has examined the unique challenges of “Double Ageing”. Experts from Asia and Europe explored proposals and strategies that enable a better future for sustainable cities and their inhabitants.



The CSPSE is strive to foster collaboration with universities, government, businesses, third sector organisations and promote social policy and social entrepreneurship research, grant capture, academic conferences, and advocacy on ideas, solutions, policies that seek to create public values.


【社會創新】香港深圳廣州 社會創新的協同與發展 [HK 01, 13 November 2020]

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