Date: Wednesday, August 19 2020



The Department is pleased to announce that 4 projects led by scholars of APSS: Prof. Daniel LAI Wing Leung, Dr LIN Li, Dr Herman LO Hay Ming and Dr. YU Lu have been granted under the Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme (Special Round), launched by the Government’s Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office. Details of the projects are as follows: 

Title of Project

Principal Investigator

Effects of Social and Political Unrests on Mental Health of Older People in Hong Kong

Prof. Daniel LAI Wing Leung

The Influences of Social Mobility Beliefs on Social-Political Attitudes among Hong Kong College Students


A Stepped-Care, Multi-disciplinary, Evidence-based Approach to Strengthen Adolescence and Family Well-being after Social Unrest

Dr Herman LO Hay Ming

Hong Kong Junior Secondary School Students' Attitudes Towards and Engagement in Political Activities Involving Violence and Destruction: The Associated Individual, Family, and School Factors from a Positive Youth Development Perspective

Dr YU Lu

PPR Funding Scheme, together with the Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) Funding Scheme, are the government-subsidised funding schemes which aim to promote public policy research in Hong Kong. The special round of the Funding, launched in November 2019, is to support research studies that are related to social incidents, as well as important political, economic, cultural and societal issues relating to the deep-seated problems of society. Five PolyU-led projects were awarded a total of HK$2.08 million funding, and four of these projects are led by academics from the APSS, the remaining one is led by the Department of English.