Date: 20 Dec 2019

Dr. Chung Kim-wah and Dr. Amy Ho have retired as the Center Director of the Centre for Social Policy Studies and Centre for Third Sector Studies respectively. The Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS) appreciates Dr. Chung and Dr. Ho for their unreserved contributions throughout the past years.


We would also like to announce that with effective on 20th December 2019, the Centre for Social Policy Studies (CSPS) and the Centre for Third Sector Studies (CTSS) will expand their mandates through the newly renamed Centre for Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship (CSPSE).


The CSPSE is committed to becoming a centre of excellence for research, knowledge dissemination, and advocacy of ideas and solutions and policies to public problems. The Centre will serve as a hub to foster collaboration with universities, government, businesses, third sector organizations to promote social policy and social entrepreneurship research, grant capture, academic conferences, and advocacy on ideas, solutions, policies that seek to create public values. The CSPSE also aims to provide opportunities of research, integrated projects and attachments for students.


APSS is pleased to announce that Dr. Yanto Chandra has been appointed as the Co-Director of CSPSE with effect from 20 December 2019.


For further information, please contact APSS at info.apss@polyu.edu.hk.

20 December 2019