Date: Friday, December 07 2018

A newly revamped 4-year curriculum undergraduate programme, BA in Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship (BASPSE) (JS3765), will be launched from academic year 2019/20. This programme is retitled from BA in Social Policy and Administration (BASPA) (JS3545).

The revamped programme aims at equipping students with knowledge and skills in running a social enterprise. Through visits and guest speaker sharing, students will also learn about possible innovative ideas and operation of social enterprises. Three new subjects will be offered to students - “Creating Innovation in Social Entrepreneurship”, “Social Data Analytics” and “Understanding Diversities”.

Dr Raymond Tam, Programme Leader of BASPSE, was interviewed by media, with BASPA alumni Miss Darcy Fung and Miss Alice Wong.

Media coverage:

  • am730: https://bit.ly/2EeHVed
  • HK01: https://bit.ly/2RydgeR
  • Sing Tao Daily: https://bit.ly/2QdnRiF