Date: Wednesday, March 08 2017

In view of the painstaking work accomplished and impact of the services provided since the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Dr. Timothy SIM has been appointed the Honorary Principal of Wenchuan Yingxiu Primary School in Sichuan Province, China, on 10 November 2016. This school is located in the Wenchuan earthquake epic centre and lost 222 out of 473 children and 20 out of 46 teachers.

Over the past 8 years from 2008, Dr. SIM set up a social work team in the school to help children and their family members, teachers and community who were disabled, traumatized, and left behind. One unique approach to working with the children and their significant others involve the use of traditional dance – Guozhuan to increase their psycho-social well-being. Another focus is the use of transdisciplinary approach in promoting disaster risk reduction by working closely with the government, school, community and the clients.

Dr. SIM has collaboratively produced two books with the children and teachers of the school. The book entitled “Wenchuan Yingxiu Primary School Photo Story Book”, published in 2012, showcases the resilience of the children who are really the photographers and authors. Another book, co-authored by the Principal DONG Xue Feng, Teacher SU Cheng Gang and Teacher LIU Zhong Neng who have all lost their wives and children to the earthquake, published in 2015, tells the story about the resilient “Bouncing Back Together”.   

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