Date: Friday, August 12 2016

27th and 28th July 2016

Dr. Timothy Sim and Dr. Wang Dong Ming of PolyU's Department Applied Social Sciences were invited by Professor Tan Yih Chi of the Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research (CWCDR) to visit the National Taiwan University with the aim to explore possible research collaboration.

Upon arrival in Taipei City on 27th July 2016, a visit to the New Taipei City Emergency Operations Center (EoC) was arranged to understand the local government’s effort in disaster risk management. Dr. Zhang Yi Hong, Executive Secretary of EoC, conducted a two-hour briefing on the operation mechanisms of EoC at the occasion.

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On 28th July 2016, after a welcoming speech from Professor Tan Yi Ji, a series of 30-minute presentations were made by:

  • Professor Lee Hong Yuan – Taiwan government’s disaster management
  • Dr. Cai Meng Ha – Typhoon search using technology
  • Dr. Zhang Kuan Xiang – Early warning of floods
  • Dr. Ma Guo Huan – Disaster preparedness education in schools
  • Dr. Pan Zong Yi – Urban floods warning and mitigation system
  • Dr. Hong Wu Jue – Corporate engagement in disaster risk reduction
  • Dr. Lin Yong Jun – Hazard maps designs

In addition, Dr. Fu Jin Cheng of the National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction of the Taiwan Government also presented the Taiwan central government’s strategy in working with different stakeholders to manage and reduce disaster risks in Taiwan.

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During the visit, the way forward is discussed:
- Engage CWCDR to develop hazard maps and scenarios for Kwai Tsing Estate as the next phase of our "Making Hong Kong a Resilient City".
- Explore further with CWCDR on developing "Making Taiwan a Resilient City" in tandem with IDMR, Sichuan University which will focus on "Making Chengdu a Resilient City".
- Invite Professor Lee Hong Yuan to speak at the Symposium on Natural Disaster Governance to be held in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 14th October 2016.
- Explore the possibility of developing Multiple Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Cluster Area Requirement (CAR) on disasters that PolyU is currently planning.

- Professor Tan Yih Chi and his team plans to visit the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in August 2016 to further discussion on the above collaboration.