Date: Friday, January 22 2016

Project entitled “Pan-participatory Assessment and Governance of Earthquake Disaster Risks in the Ordos Area (PAGER-O)” has been successful in obtaining the research grant jointly funded by China Natural Science Foundation (3,000,000 RMB), and the UK Natural Environment Research Council and Economic and Social Research Council (500,000 GBP). In addition, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is also providing a matching fund of HK$ HK$246,600 (subject to availability of funds). This three-year project (from Jan 2016 to Dec 2018) is connected to a China-UK collaborative programme named “Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards in Earthquake Prone Regions in China (IRNHinC)”.

The Principle Investigators are Professor Guiwu Su from China Earthquake Administration (China) and Mr John Young from Overseas Development Institute (UK). The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Dr. Timothy SIM and Dr. Cui Ke from the Department of Applied Social Sciences and Dr. Sijian Li of the School of Nursing are co-investigators of this project.

On the 11th and 12th January 2016, the UK Natural Environment Research Council and the Research Council UK China office organized an integration workshop for the IRNHinC programme in Windsor, UK. Prof. Su and Mr Young joined the workshop on behalf of the PAGER-O project with delegates of five other successful projects, where the projects were also officially launched.

Image: Prof. Su and Mr Young are presenting the PAGER-O project to the funder and other project members.