Date: Monday, September 14 2015

A big and warm welcome to our new group of postgraduate research students to join APSS!   Ms ROBLES LLANA is also the recipient of the prestigious UGC-funded Hong Kong PhD Fellowship.

ALBERT Garrich Alabarce (FT PhD) obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration at Barcelona University and his Master’s degree in International Business with specialization in Latin America Europe and Asia at Pompeu Fabra University, Spain.   He then pursued another Master’s degree in Global Studies - A European Perspective in University of Roskilde (Demark); Jawaharial Nehru University (India) and the University of Leipzig (Germany).  His research topic is titled “Internet Governance in Asia: Recalibrating the interpretive flexibility of existing models through the Multi Linear Regression (MLMR)”.  He will be supervised by Dr. David HEROLD.
CHAN Cheong Yu, Stephen (FT PhD) completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Open University of Hong Kong and received his Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from PolyU.   His research topic will be on A Pilot Randomize Trial of Young-old Adult Mentorship Program with Parents in Low-SES Family and will be supervised by Dr. Alma AU.
LAI Ka Wai, Michael (FT PhD) studied his Bachelor’s degree in Social Policy and Administration and his Master’s in Social Policy and Social Development at PolyU.  His proposed project is Neoliberal Urbanism and its Impact to Social Economy in Hong Kong.  He will be supervised by Drs. Amy HO and David IP.
LI Jun (FT PhD) received his Bachelor’s degree in Management - Labour and Social Security Program from Zhuhai College of Jilin University and pursued his Master’s degree in Social Policy and Social Development at PolyU.  His research topic is Child Abuse and Neglect in Guangzhou: Media coverage analysis and audience feedback.  His supervisor is Prof. CHAN Yuk-chung.
ROBLES LLANA Paloma  (FT PhD) received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Queen Mary University of London and then pursued Master’s degree in Chinese Language and Cultures at Leiden University, Netherlands.  Her research topic is A 'No Man's Land': Cultural identity among 1.5 generation Chinese immigrants living in Spain.  Her supervisor is Dr. David HEROLD.
XU Siyuan, Susie (FT PhD) earned her Bachelor’s degree in Management in Regional Development in Rural Area and Master’s degree in Management - Rural Development and Management from China Agricultural University.  Her planned research topic is The Emerging "New Farmers" in Rural China - Peasant responses to food sovereignty in agrarian capitalism.  Her research will be supervised by Dr. YAN Hairong.
WANG Peng (FT PhD) received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Jinan University, China, and completed her Master’s degree in Gender Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Her proposed doctoral project entitled “Breaking Silence: A study on urban living strategies of marginalized people in PRC society” will be supervised by Dr. David HEROD.
YANG Chin-yi, Gina (FT MPhil) acquired her Bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan and Master’s degree in Compulsory Education from National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan.  Her topic of research is A Critical Examination of Gender Regime in Kinmen Taiwan from War Zone Administration to Post-Militarization.  Her research will be supervised by Dr. Anita KOO.