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Date: Tuesday, July 14 2015

Service-Learning Subject

APSS2S05 Promotion of Children and Adolescent Development  



The objectives of this subject are to:

  1. introduce different perspectives on child and adolescent development, needs and challenges of children and adolescents living in disadvantaged circumstances to students through design and implementation of service project; 
  2. enhance students’ competencies of problem-solving, decision making, communication and team work; 
  3. cultivate positive values and strengths orientation among students; 
  4. nurture students' sense of social responsibility, social awareness and promote prosocial behaviours; and
  5. nurture students’ sense of care and compassion towards other people in the community, especially underprivileged children and adolescents. 


The tentative schedule for this 2-semester subject is as below:

Semester 1
(From September to December 2015)

  • e-learning through Blackboard
  • Preparatory Lectures, Seminars and Workshops
  • Service Planning and Preparation
  • Direct Service Delivery
  • On-going Reflective Journals

Semester 2
(From January to May 2016)

  • Direct Service Delivery 
  • Post-service Workshops and Group Presentation
  • On-going Reflective Journals

Actual schedule depends on agency needs, instructor’s plan and discussion with students.


Serving Objects

Students taking this subject will have to develop a meaningful learning curriculum for Society of Boys’ Centres (children and adolescents with social and emotional problems) or schools under Project WeCan by Wharf Group (children and adolescents with lower academic achievements and limited exposure).


Pre-requisite Requirement



Target Students

Full-time undergraduate students studying a 4-year curriculum.



The best student of the subject will receive a scholarship of HK$5,000 funded by Wofoo foundation.



120 (first-come-first-served)


Offering Semester

The subject will last for two semesters including Semester 1 and 2 of 2015/16.


Subject Registration

Please enroll the subject (APSS2S05) at eStudent from 3 to 5 August 2015.



Dr Florence Wu (Academic Enquiry)            3400 3675       Room HJ422

Miss Emily Choi (Administrative Enquiry)    3400 3027       Room HJ402



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