Date: Friday, June 26 2015

A delegation from the Shandong Youth University of Political Science (山東青年政治學院) visited APSS on June 24. The delegation was led by Vice President Liu Tao (刘涛), with Vice Chief of Student Affairs Gao Ke Qiang (高克强),Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty of Law and Political Science Ding Ping (丁萍),Chief of Social Work Teaching and Research Office Zhang Jian (张剑),and Section Chief of International Office for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Wen Yaqin (温雅琴). They were met by Dr David Ip, Interim Head of APSS; Professor Tsui Ming-Sum, Associate Dean of FHSS; Dr Ku Hok-Bun, Deputy Director of HK PolyU-Peking U Joint Social Work Research Centre; Miss Helena Au and Ms Iris Tang of CMAO (Chinese Mainland Affairs Office). During their brief visit, possibilities of future staff and student exchange as well as collaborative research were explored.