Date: Friday, March 20 2015

As a result of the general election, The 22nd Applied Social Sciences Departmental Society (APSSDS)  - neXus,  an independent student organization  Applied Social Sciences now has a new cabinet headed by the President Elect Lam Yu Shun (Broad Discipline of Social Sciences).  He and his cabinet members will continue serving students in APSS in organizing social and academic activities, articulating student concerns relating to academic matters and current affairs as well as serving as a point of student-staff liaison in conjunction with the department’s Students and Alumni Affairs Committee (SAAC).  Lam and his cabinet members met with Professor James Lee, Head of Department; Drs Roxco Chu and David Ip, (Associate Heads), and committee members of SAAC (including Drs Jenny Hui, Chan Kun Sun, Kevin Chan, Mr Chow Sung Ming and Ms Beckie Li along with a number of administrative staff members from the General Office.


The full neXus cabinet members list is as follows:


President – Lam Yun Shun
Internal Vice President – Kong Ka Ki
External Vice President – Pai Ching Yu
Financial Secretary – Liu Chun Ho
General Secretary – Ng Sai Kwan
Internal Secretary – Kwan Ho Yee
External Secretary – Hung Faan Yu
Welfare Secretary – Leung Wing Yan
Publicity Secretary – Chow Ying Yan
Publication Secretary – Wu Hiu Ying
Social Work Affairs Secretary – Yeung Sin Ning Dorothy
Social Policy and Administration Secretary – Lau Siu Wai