Date: Monday, December 5, 2016 to Saturday, December 17, 2016

The International Programming Initiative China Winter Institute 2016, supported under Collaborative Exchange Program among PolyU's Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS), PekingU's Department of Sociology (DS), and UChicago's School of Social Service Administration (SSA), was successfully held from 5 to 17 December 2016.


This 2-week intensive winter institute focused on Globalisation, Urbanisation and Migration: Social Policy, Social Work and Community Responses in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the US. A total of 27 students from three regions were provided with an opportunity to learn about key issues concerning the nature, contributing factors, and state and community responses to build resilience in coping with the problems emerging from poverty, migration and urbanization in the context of globalization, and at the same time the regional comparison within China, through lectures, seminar discussion, field visits and workshops in Hong Kong and mainland China, including Shenzhen and Kunming.


Ms Irene Leung, Social Services Director of Salvation Army was invited to give a talk on Social Work Development in Hong Kong


Agency visit


Presentation on group projects by end of the program