Date: Monday, January 10 2022

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Capacity Building Scheme for Secondary School Teachers: Promoting Meaningful Social Engagement for Young People Through Service-Learning

This project is a collaborative initiative led by colleagues of APSS, COMP and Service-Learning and Leadership Office (SLLO), with Prof. Daniel SHEK (APSS) and Dr. Grace NGAI (COMP & SLLO) as the project leaders. APSS colleagues (Dr. Diya DOU, Dr. Julie ZHU, and Dr. Ann LI) are also involved in the project.


This three-year capacity building research project for teachers in Hong Kong secondary schools is funded by both the Keswick Foundation and Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation (totaling HK$8.06 million). Its aim is to encourage "academic service-learning" in secondary school education through equipping school teachers with the essential attitude, knowledge and skills. The ultimate goal is to promote meaningful social engagement for young people as well as to enhance their academic learning. It is hoped that this project will also develop online-based Service Leadership programmes for secondary school students as a foundation for Service-Learning.


Sustainable Livelihood Development in Three Remote Rural Villages in China

Dr Ben KU, Associate Professor of APSS and Director of China and Global Development Network, has recently received a donation of HK$4.98 million from the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation.


This three-year project aims to create diverse pathways to achieving sustainability, rural poverty alleviation, and rural revitalization programmes in remote rural villages in China. It also aims to connect local partners with villagers to find better ways to improve their livelihood through innovation with social development and ecological protections. 


The research team is led by Dr. Ben KU as Principal Investigator, and with Dr. Karita KAN, Dr. Qiaobing WU, Dr. Hairong YAN (currently, at Tsinghua University), Ms. Kan YIP, and Dr. Yang ZHAN as team members.


Congratulations to Prof. SHEK, Dr. KU and their project team members!