Date: Tuesday, October 12 2021

publication 10


 IMG 0882aa Dr CHAN, Chitat


Media-informed Narrative Practice introduces you to an interview approach; it does not preach or teach, but it enables participants to explore and curate themselves through their own narratives. When individuals see that life stories can have multiple interpretations, they will be more open-minded and wiser in facing life challenges. In addition, smart use of media will largely enhance such a reflection and curation process. Human service and education practitioners should not miss this work.


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Three comics (or graphic novels) as a new form of knowledge dissemination have been developed to inform readers on the promise of social entrepreneurship as a tool to tackle societal problems in a financially sustainable manner. The comics are an alternative form of scholarly work, as they involve a crossover between social sciences research and visual arts. The comics make use of findings from multi-year studies on the behaviour of social entrepreneurs, which are transformed into digestible concepts, strategies, and decision-making processes that are then visualizes and narrated-in-context in an entertaining manner.