Funding Source

Dr. Alma Au
Mrs Teresa Tsien

Implicit motives and successful ageing in diverse cultural contexts

Germany Research Council

Dr Clifford Choy
Mrs Teresa Tsien

Effectiveness of life planning activities on enhancing the ageing adjustment of elderly people

St James’ Settlement

Dr Alma Au
Dr Mimi Tse
Mrs Teresa Tsien

Evaluation on the effectiveness of services provided by Community Support Services to fulfill the needs of young elders

Social Welfare Department and
Tung Wah Group of
Hospitals, Community
Services Division

Dr Alma Au
Prof Claudia Lai
Mrs Teresa Tsien

Volunteer Assistance Telephone Support Programme for Dementia Caregiver

Health Care Promotion Fund

Prof. David Man

Mobile cognitive-health (MCH) project for the older adults – a pilot project

IAA Internal Competitive Fund