Some older members of the RCGFS’s Project for the Third Age may feel the urge to work again after retirement, perhaps to restore a sense of self-fulfilment or for financial reasons. To help them transit back into the workforce, the RCGFS offers skills development workshops, training programmes, and job-matching service. The RCGFS has developed an extensive network with various nongovernmental organisations and corporations in the business sector and is planning to establish a comprehensive Elderly Human Resources Database to help the RCGFS more effectively identify job placements from the network for members. Customised training programmes can also be provided to members to meet the specific needs of different industries.

The purpose of vocational training courses is mainly to assist job seekers: re-examining personal skills, values, personality and career orientation; assessing self-strengths and potentials, reassuring new work objectives and formulating action plans. The course will also teach job-seekers how to enhance their job-hunting skills and employment preparation, such as: re-designing resumes, interviewing skills, learning common computer skills, etc. We will also hold regular seminars for members to share their experience of re-entering the workplace and to grasp the latest information in the job market.  

In addition, we strive to establish a comprehensive referral system to assist corporates in finding suitable employees, meanwhile facilitating the knowledge inheritance by the highly experienced individuals.



  1. To establish a "third-age people resources integration system", apart from gathering information on third-age people in Hong Kong who intend to re-enter the labor market, it also provides information on job hunting and government-related measures so that relevant people can seize employment opportunities.
  2. Promote the re-upgrading and utilization of manpower of the third-age people, through employment counseling and skills training, to enhance willingness of reemployment and work motivation.
  3. Through pragmatic training, improve the knowledge of innovative technologies and innovative skills, shorten the reemployment adjustment period, in order to meet the needs of new jobs or society.
  4. Make good use of the advantages of third-age people's human resources, promote the concept of “third-age people as a valuable asset of the society”.


If you wish to use the job matching service, you must first register as a member by filling in the following registration form and returning it to the office.

If organizations wish to publish job vacancy information, please download the relevant form (please click here), fill in the information in the form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our staff will contact your to arrange the recruitment affairs.


From caring to sustainable: a new challenge for business

As the average age of the population in Hong Kong is on the rise, the demand for the silver-haired group in the labor market is also increasing.

In view of this, RCGFS intends to provide solutions to the corporates. On one hand, it provides trainings, for employees who are about to retire but wishing to remain in the labour market, to upgrade or transform their existing skills, and to assist them in hunting for new job. On the other hand, we would formulate relevant tutor- or volunteer- training courses for members with professional skills who are about to retire, assisting them to contribute their expertise and to affirm themselves, who can gradually adapt to their retirement life and continue their wonderful life.

The organization is vigorously cooperating with a number of private organizations and non-profit-organizations. Through the engagement of the active-ageing people in different industries and participating in different jobs, RCGFS induces the social awareness regarding the possibilities of reintegration among the “silver-haired groups” in to the society. The members of RCGFS have also gained the trust of employers all along with their positive, enthusiastic, and conscientious work attitudes, and hence they have maintained a great cooperative relationship.