Two APSS students are the awardees of the prestigious Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships 2020/21. The scholarship aims to recognise students' academic excellence performance and outstanding achievements in extracurricular and volunteer activities.


Individual photo 1 Winkie from Jabez


Awardees' Aspiration

Despite their young age, both awardees have been turning small dreams into big ones during their fieldwork placement.


Winkie LAU, our Year 3 undergraduate Social Work student, is keen on exploring today's society and nurturing closer bonds between people from all walks of life.




Jabez LAM, another Year 3 Social Work student, is dedicated to promoting mental health education and raising community awareness of mental illnesses.




Encouraging continued pursuit for excellence

To congratulate our awardees and encourage their continued pursuit for excellence, BASW Programme Leaders, Dr Kong YAM and Dr Rita CHEUNG invited families of the two awardees to visit the PolyU campus and meet Head of Department, Professor Eric CHUI on the evening of 12th November 2021.


"Thank you for visiting us quite late this evening. On behalf of APSS, we congratulate your children's achievements! This is a perfect occasion for us to learn from parents about how you have been supporting your children in such a positive and effective way. … It is also a great opportunity for our students to show their parents around the beautiful campus and, then, of course buy their parents a big meal to celebrate this special evening!" said Professor CHUI.


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Awardees and their parents received a souvenir from Professor Eric CHUI, Dr Kong YAM and Dr Rita CHEUNG.


About Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships

Established in 1998, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships aim to identify and groom outstanding talents to become leaders who will create positive change and inspire the wider society to strive for excellence.  The scholarship covers students' tuition fees, academic expenses and living costs for the entire normal length of study (renewal conditions apply) towards an undergraduate degree programme.