APSS Freshmen’s Perceptions of Campus Life

Three APSS freshmen met Head of APSS Prof. Eric CHUI, and three APSS Programme Leaders: Dr Rita CHEUNG, Dr Raymond TAM and Dr Kong YAM, to discuss student life and campus culture. They had fruitful exchanges on various issues of concern to teaching and learning.

freshmen 01


Academic and Non-academic Entry Scholarships Awardees

The three invited students, whose outstanding performance helped them secure Entry Scholarships, were newly admitted to PolyU this academic year. Prof. CHUI began the discussion by asking the students which aspect of the Department had drawn them to the APSS family.


Seci FUNG, a freshman of BA (Hons) Social Policy & Social Entrepreneurship, said, “APSS is special in many ways!” She was particularly attracted by the wide range of subjects she could choose in her programme. Dr TAM added that APSS has always been responsive to the changing needs of society. Our programmes have a strong social sciences foundation to strengthen students' analytical ability and address growing demands for trained professionals in the fields of social policy and social enterprise.


freshmen 02

“APSS is special in many ways!”


Year 1 Student
BA (Hons) in Social Policy & Social Entrepreneurship


freshmen 03

Kitty NG, a freshman of BA (Hons) Social Work, is an outstanding korfball player and representative of Hong Kong China Korfball Team. She told Prof. CHUI that while Korfball is not a popular sport among schools yet, she wanted to combine her interest in Korfball with her studies and passion for social impact. Prof. CHUI encouraged students to pursue their dreams and study hard to make use of their knowledge and professional skills in serving the community.


“I want to combine my interest in Korfball with my studies and passion for social impact.”


Kitty NG
Year 1 Student
BA (Hons) in Social Work


Working Hard, Making Friends

Regarding to expectations for teaching and learning, the three students appreciate that PolyU students are able to choose their mode of study. Ki Ki TSANG, another Social Work freshman, said she has been looking forward to joining face-to-face classes and activities, as she wants to make new friends with fellow students. Dr YAM encouraged students to get involved and help make the campus more vibrant and fun. For example, by being a Student Ambassador of the University. PolyU strives to provide students with many new and exciting opportunities.


The three students also mentioned that they appreciated the 24-hour study room which provides a safe place for students to study and work on group projects. Dr CHEUNG emphasised that PolyU strives to enhance students’ learning experience through not only refined curriculum, but also by providing them with a supportive environment.




“I have been looking forward to joining face-to-face classes and activities.”


Year 1 Student
BA (Hons) in Social Work



BA (Hons) Scheme in Applied Social Sciences (JS3250)

From 2022/23 academic year onwards, PolyU will implement departmental scheme-based admissions. APSS students who are admitted to BA (Hons) Scheme in Applied Social Sciences (JS3250) will select their Major in the second academic year: BA (Hons) in Social Work or BA (Hons) in Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship. APSS foresees that this will provide students with greater flexibility to gain a better understanding of their own interests and aspirations. Besides the two major awards, APSS provides integrated Social Sciences courses for students. For example, courses on Philosophy and Psychology are offered by experienced APSS teaching staff to address the learning needs of frontline social workers.




Prof. CHUI is grateful to have this opportunity to listen and talk to students. He encourages students to share their ideas about improving campus life, and to meet challenges with a positive attitude. He looks forward to having more interactive opportunities with students in order to strengthen our shared vision, help all freshman students gain an awareness of campus resources and develop their sense of belonging to APSS and PolyU.