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Facilities and Laboratories:

1. Advanced Physics Laboratory (CD706)
2. Biosensors Laboratory (DE703)
3. Centre for Electron Microscopy (CF002)
4. Chemical Vapour Deposition Laboratory (FG705b)
5. Departmental Clean room (GH715)
6. Field Emission Electron Microscopy (CD707)
7. Foundation Physics Laboratory (CD704)
8. Intermediate Physics Laboratory (CD705)
9. Laser-MBE Laboratory (DE702)
10. Magnetoelectric Laboratory (DE703a)
11. Metamaterials Laboratory (DE703b)
12. Material Processing Laboratory (CD701)
13. Materials Research Centre (BC710)
14. Microfluidics Laboratory (DE703d)
15. Multimedia Physics Laboratory (DE705, DE705a)
16. Optoelectronics Laboratory (DE704)
17. Organic Electronic Laboratory (FG705)
18. Pulsed Laser Deposition Laboratory (DE702c)
19. Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory (DE702a)
20. Sensor and Transducer Laboratory (CD702a and CD703)
21. Spectroscopy Laboratory (DE703c)
22. Thin Film Fabrication Laboratory (DE702d)
23. UMF Clean Room (HJ709)
24. VSM Laboratory (FG704)