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Professor Daniel Lau, Head of PolyU’s Department of Applied Physics (AP), was interviewed in a tech-focused TVB programme “Innovation GPS” (創科導航), on the features, applications and developments of graphene -- a superior material having been widely used in various aspects of science, technology and business sectors. The semitransparent perovskite solar cells with graphene electrodes developed by AP research team in 2015 was cited as an example of graphene application. PolyU researchers is further developing another two-dimensional material black phosphorus (BP). They found that lithium battery with BP can be recharged for 1,000 times, five times more than the existing battery.

TVB “Innovation GPS (創科導航)” (in Chinese): https://goo.gl/ytbySv

 Innovation GPS 創科導航 20181128

 Innovation GPS 創科導航 20181128 2