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26 Mar 2020 理大港大參與粵科研獲年度大獎 香港商報
26 Mar 2020 粵科技獎出爐港校七項目奪殊榮 涉5G新材料生物醫學灣區合作成果湧現 Tai Kung Pao
18 Oct 2019 研儀器持續合成葡萄糖 理大新發明紓糧食危機 Sky Post
18 Oct 2019 理大三項科研論文刊《自然》期刊 Sing Tao Daily
17 Oct 2019 Three Research Papers Published in Nature Series Journals PRWeb
05 Oct 2019 教學有心人
#387 遙距實驗室 嘉賓: 理工大學應用物理學系詹國龍博士,蔡紹康博士
31 Jan 2019 理大應用物理學系 -「培育光電子學專才,擁抱全球機遇」 Ming Pao Daily News
28 Nov 2018 Innovation GPS 創科導航  (Interviewee: Prof. Daniel Lau) TVB
16 May 2018 PolyU wins Two “TechConnect Global Innovation Awards” — Snatching Accolades in the US Two Years in a row
理大科研成果揚威國際 連續第二年獲「TechConnect全球創新獎」
31 Mar 2017 PolyU wins top prizes in Geneva’s Invention Expo
- The "Nano Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Flu Virus" invented by Prof. Hao Jianhua of Department of Applied Physics and Dr Yang Mo of Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering has won the Special Merit Award and Gold Medal with Congratulations of Jury at the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.
Ming Pao Daily News/ Sing Tao Daily/ Ta Kung Po/ Wen Wei Po/ Sina HK/ Yahoo HK/ TOPICK
28 Dec 2016 PolyU garnered four prizes at the Reimagine Education Awards 2016
創遙距物理實驗平台 理大獲國際教學獎
Ming Pao Daily News/ Sing Tao Daily/ Ta Kung Po/ eElderly
6 Dec 2016 Sewage Purifier by Photocatalysis Invented by a PolyU Postgraduate
Sing Tao Daily
14 Mar 2016 PolyU Develops Novel Nano Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Flu Virus理大研發嶄新納米生物傳感器 快速檢測流感病毒 TVB/ Oriental Daily News/ Apple Daily/ Ming Pao Daily News/ Sing Tao Daily/ The Sun/ HK Economic Times/ HK Economic Journal/ am730/ Metro Daily/ Sky Post/ The Standard/ Headline Daily/ Ta Kung Pao/ Wen Wei Po/ HK Commercial Daily/ HK Investment Times
2 Nov 2015 PolyU Develops Highly Sensitive Biosensor for Measuring Glucose in Saliva
23 Sep 2015 PolyU Develops Novel Eco High Performance Energy Storage Device
Sing Tao Daily/ Ming Pao Daily News/
am730/ Headline Daily/ Wen Wei Po/
Tak Kung Pao
7 Sep 2015 PolyU Develops Novel Efficient and Low-cost Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells with Graphene Electrodes
TVB/ SCMP/ Ming Pao Daily News/ 
Sing Tao Daily/ Metro Daily/ am730/
Oriental Daily News/ Headline Daily/
Sky Post/ HK Economic Times/ Wen Wei Po/ Ta Kung Pao
29 Jan 2015 PolyU Students Taught Secondary Students to Write Mobile Apps in Service Learning
理大生研Apps 教中學生物理
Sing Tao Daily
Aug 2014 "Waste not, want not", Dr. ZHANG Xuming International Innovation, Issue 148