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A. Teaching Arrangement

  1. When will the online teaching start?

  • 3- 9 February 2020: There will be no teaching activities.

  • 10 February to 14 March 2020: Online teaching (plus e-learning) will be conducted instead of face-to-face teaching.

  • 16 – 28 March 2020: Recess Period, all teaching activities will be suspended for a period of two weeks or longer from 16 March 2020, depending on the development of the novel coronavirus epidemic

    A 'Student Guide to Online Learning' website has been prepared, which provide useful information that help you to make the most of your online education.


  1. What is the arrangement for the courses which involve lab sessions?

  • Different lab courses may have different arrangements. The subject lecturer will upload information about the course in due course and tell you what to do through blackboard.


  1. How about AP40004 (Final Year Project) & AP20014 (Innovation Project)?

  • For AP40004, It is possible to rearrange experiments or changes the research topics if you have difficulties in continuing your experimental works. Please discuss with your project supervisor about the arrangement.

  • For AP20014, please discuss with the subject lecturers about the arrangement.


  1. When will the add-drop period start?

  • Adjustment before Semester Commencement: 31 January – 9 February 2020

  • Add/Drop Period: 10 – 22 February 2020

  • During the last 2 days of the add/drop period (i.e. 21 – 22 February 2020)

    • Students can retake passed subjects, except for GUR subjects.

    • Students of Full-time programmes and students studying Part-time/Mixed-mode Undergraduate Degree programmes with General University Requirements (GUR), can take additional subjects outside curriculum to broaden their knowledge.

  • If students have genuine needs to drop a subject of 2019-20 Semester 2 after the Add/Drop Period, students will be required to submit the late drop requests to the programme offering departments by 6 March 2020 through email.


B. Academic Advising

  1. How to contact my Academic advisor?
  • You can send an email or call the office phone numbers of the advisor. You can check the information of your academic advisor via eStudent.
  • eStudent> My Advisor> Academic Advising


C. Others

  1. Why there is no information available about my course?

  • Please contact the subject lecturer by email after you have registered the course. The subject lecturer will reply to you within a few days.


  1. I cannot find my Academic Advisors or subject lecturers. What can I do?

  • You may contact Ms. Meijei Wong (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for assistance.


  1. I am not able to come back to Hong Kong and there is only limited access to the internet from my home town.

  • We can only provide online resources now. You should report any difficulties regarding learning to your academic advisor as soon as you can.


Below updated by 2 March, 2020