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Alumni members are important assets of our Department. Our alumni are well received and placed in different disciplines and sectors, ranging from engineering and technical to business and marketing. The diversified nature of employment of our alumni reflects success of the generalist and versatile education that our Department has been aiming to provide in order to produce graduates that are capable of facing the challenge of the rapidly changing and demanding job market in Hong Kong.

Throughout the years, our alumni members have been actively contributing to the development of our academic programmes on different occasions. Alumni members give career talks to our undergraduates every year, sharing their experiences in job hunting and in their career path, and updating the scenario of the current job market. More importantly, alumni members express unanimously that their present career is strongly benefited, either directly or indirectly, by the education they received in our programmes. Direct benefit comes from the professional and broad-based knowledge acquired, while indirect benefit comes from generic skills, such as problem-solving skills that they have built up in studying physics. Some alumni members also volunteer to act as mentors in the mentorship programme, guiding our undergraduates to achieve fuller personal development. The input of ideas from our alumni from time to time has also helped the Department in improving our academic programmes in curriculum revision.

Departmental Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the Department of Applied Physics, PolyU (acronym: AAAPPU), was founded in 1996 with a broad aim of facilitating networking among fellow graduates and communication between graduates and the Department. Graduates from all courses/programmes parented by the Department of Applied Physics (formerly the Department of Applied Science) shall be admitted to Ordinary Membership upon payment of the membership fee [$20, included the Membership fee of the Federation of The Hong Kong Polytechnic Alumni Associations (acronym:  FHKPUAA), payable once only at the time of joining the Association]. These courses/programmes include: HD in ASc , HC in AP, Lab Technician courses, HD in AP, BSc in Combined Studies (with a component in Phy), BSc in Engineering Phy (full-time and part-time), Post-graduate programmes (Post-graduate Dip and MSc in Engineering Phy, MPhil, PhD). 

After joined AAAPPU and FHKPUAA. Members will have a Membership Card of the FHKPUAA, and card holders are entitled to a range of benefits. For details, please visit the PolyU webpage, or Room M1506A, 15/F., Li Ka Shing Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, or contact the Federation at 2766 5123 (tel), 2764 0326 (fax).

The office-bearers of the current Executive Committee of AAAPPU are as follows: 

President: Mr. WONG Man Hon, Matthew
Vice-president: Mr. CHENG Wang Fai, Raymond 
Honorary Secretary:Miss. WONG Ka Lai, Kathy 
Honorary Treasurer: Mr. WONG Hon Fai
Committee Members: Mr. LEUNG Siu Kan, Ken; Miss. HO Man Tak, Melanie; Mr. TANG Chun Yin, Jimmy; Mr. TSANG Ming Kiu, Bobi

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