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About AP

Associate Professor
2766 5676

Web Page: http://ap.polyu.edu.hk/apytsang/

Research profile (pdf)
Researcher ID: K-8372-2012
ORCID: 0000-0001-5632-5224

Research interests:

  • Studying the nonlinear optical properties of the 2D materials e.g. graphene, WS2 and MoS2.
  • Novel 2D materials used for laser photonic applications, e.g. mode locking laser, Q-switched laser, photodetector, optical limiter etc.
  • Novel 2D materials nano materials used for renewable energy generation, water purification etc.
  • Laser applications
    Laser material processing, Laser surgery.

Teaching Subjects:

  • AP30009 - Laser Principles and Applications
  • AP30013 - Photonics Laboratory
  • AP40009 Advanced Photonics Laboratory