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Web Page: http://ap.polyu.edu.hk/apsfyu/

Research profile (pdf)
Researcher ID: C-7670-2012
ORCID: 0000-0003-0354-3767

Research interests:

  • Main research interest
    analysis, design and fabrication of optoelectronic devices included semiconductor lasers, modulators and waveguides.
  • Recent achievement
    demonstration of high-power single-mode emission from ultraviolet random laser diodes using ZnO nanostructure films as well as high-efficiency randomly assembled ITO, SnO2 and AlN nanowires LEDs.
  • Current activities
    design and realization of nanodots lasers, plasmonic nanowire waveguides and quantum-dot bio-sensors.

Teaching Subjects:

  • AP1D02 - Introduction to Astronomy
  • AP20001 - Electromagnetism