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About AP


Past and Present

Department of Applied Physics (AP) was founded in 1987 after the splitting of the Department of Applied Science into this department and the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology. It inherits the good traditions of having strong links with local industries and catering application-oriented curricula. Furthermore, it actively engages in research and consultancies leading to recognitions from both academic and industrial societies. AP now offers two full-time undergraduate programmes: (1) BSc (Hons) in Engineering Physics (EP) and (2) Higher Diploma in Applied Physics (HD), as well as a number of subjects for other programmes of the University. In addition to the undergraduate teaching commitment, AP also offers programmes leading to PhD and MPhil awards.

Research in AP can be categorized into the following five areas: (1) Energy Materials and Devices, (2) Nanomaterials, (3) Photonics, Plasmonics and Optoelectronics - Materials and Devices, (4) Smart Materials and Devices, and (5) Theoretical and Computational Physics. Owing to our long term commitment to striving for academic excellence, AP has achieved very outstanding results, including publications in internationally renowned journals, awards by local and international institutes, patents, as well as grants from various governmental and industrial bodies. For more information, please download our Department Leaflet

Strength of the Department

AP has been well-recognized by both students and employers because it continuously provides high quality tertiary education. Research quality of our staff members and postgraduate students have also been recognised through receiving research awards, grants, and fellowships/scholarships. According to the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2014 implemented by the University Grants Council of Hong Kong, the Department of Applied Physics (AP) attains the highest proportion of world leading (4*) research work in PolyU. AP ranks 1st in the cost centre of Materials Science and comes in 2nd place among all Physics Departments in Hong Kong.