Buyang Li   李步揚

Department of Applied Mathematics
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Office: Room TU810, Yip Kit Chuen Building
Phone: (+852) 3400 3416

Research Interests     Publication     PhD students and Postdocs     Postdoc Position advailable

  • Numerical methods and analysis for partial differential equations
  • PDEs on surfaces, surface evolution under mean curvature flow and Willmore flow ← click here
  • Shallow water equations and simulation of ocean currents
  • Incompressible Navier–Stokes equations (PDF)
  • Semilinear parabolic equations and phase field equation
  • Maximal Lp-regularity of time discretization methods
    1. Runge-Kutta time discretization of nonlinear parabolic equations studied via discrete maximal parabolic regularity (PDF)
    2. Maximum norm analysis of implicit-explicit backward difference formulae for nonlinear parabolic equations (PDF)
    3. Discrete maximal regularity of time-stepping schemes for fractional evolution equations (PDF)
    4. Maximal regularity of fully discrete finite element solutions of parabolic equations (PDF)
    5. Combining maximal regularity and energy estimates for time discretizations of quasilinear parabolic equations (PDF)
    6. A-stable time discretizations preserve maximal parabolic regularity (PDF)
  • Maximum-norm stability and maximal Lp-regularity of finite element solutions to parabolic equations
  • Absorbing boundary conditions/boundary integral equations for wave propagation in an unbounded domain (PDF)
  • Dirichlet boundary control of parabolic equations (PDF)
  • Fast preconditioned iterative method for optimal control of wave problems (PDF)
  • Fractional evolution equations
  • Dynamic Ginzburg-Landau superconductivity equations in nonsmooth domains
  • Time-dependent Joule heating problem (for thermistors with temperature-dependent electric conductivity)
  • Modelling and computation of sweat transport in porous textile materials

  • Well-posedness of nonlinear PDEs
  • Time-dependent Joule heating problem (for thermistors with temperature-dependent electric conductivity)
  • Heat and moisture transport in fibrous media