Date Categories Events
30-08-2019 Others Departmental Group Photo 2019
22-08-2019 Conference / Workshop CAS AMSS-PolyU Joint Laboratory in Applied Mathematics workshop at PolyU Shenzhen base
28-06-2019 Others Summer Workshop 2019
28-06-2019 Distinguished Lectures Graphon Control and Graphon Mean Field Games
18-06-2019 Distinguished Lectures Consistency of Stationary Solutions of Coupled Nonconvex Nonsmooth Empirical Risk Minimization
23-05-2019 Distinguished Lectures Topological Event History Analysis
21-05-2019 Distinguished Lectures Mathematics and Computation for Inverse Scattering Problems
16-05-2019 Conference / Workshop Workshop on Recent Progress on the Reaction-diffusion Equations Arising in Biology
02-05-2019 Conference / Workshop The PolyU AMA - RIKEN AIP Joint Workshop on Optimization and Machine Learning
26-04-2019 Distinguished Lectures Optimal Energy-conserving Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Wave Equations
10-04-2019 Others The President's Award 2017-2018 ceremony
04-04-2019 Others The 18th MASS talk
27-03-2019 Others Academic visit of Strathmore University of Kenya
14-03-2019 Seminar Data Analytics with MATLAB
06-03-2019 Student Activities Career Sharing Session by the Executive Director of Options Group
22-02-2019 Others Long Service Award 2018
30-01-2019 Distinguished Lectures Belt and Road Distinguished Scholar Scheme: Public Lecture by Professor Ya-xiang Yuan, The Chinese Academy of Sciences
29-01-2019 Conference / Workshop Workshop on Stochastic Control and its Applications
28-01-2019 Others Opening Ceremony of the CAS AMSS-PolyU Joint Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and the CAS GIG-PolyU Joint Laboratory
28-01-2019 Conference / Workshop CAS AMSS-PolyU Joint Laboratory of Applied Mathematics Inaugural Workshop
23-01-2019 Conference / Workshop The Greater Bay Area Workshop on Computational Optimization
21-01-2019 Distinguished Lectures Distinguished Alumni Lecture by Prof. Hung Witman
18-01-2019 Conference / Workshop Masters of Abstraction 2019 - Laureates of Mathematics and Computer Science
18-01-2019 Distinguished Lectures CAS AMSS-PolyU Joint Laboratory of Applied Mathematics Distinguished Lecture by Professor Helge Holden
09-01-2019 Distinguished Lectures AMSS-PolyU JRI Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Ming Yuan

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