Date Categories Events
21-11-2018 Distinguished Lectures Dynamics, numerical analysis, and some geometry
13-11-2018 Distinguished Lectures Attractive-repulsive Models in Collective Behavior and Applications
27-09-2018 Distinguished Lectures Local and Non-local Diffusion Interactions
04-09-2018 Distinguished Lectures Small Gaps Between Primes
31-08-2018 Others Departmental Group Photo 2018
13-07-2018 Others PolyU Summer workshop 2018
10-07-2018 Conference / Workshop Workshop on PDEs from Biology, Ecology and Life Sciences: Models and Analysis
26-03-2018 Conference / Workshop International Workshop on Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
10-03-2018 Student Activities Mentorship gathering 2018, 10 March 2018
08-03-2018 Student Activities Alumni Sharing cum Tea Gathering, 8 March 2018
06-03-2018 Others The 16th MASS Talk
01-03-2018 Distinguished Lectures VClustering: An Algorithm for Big Data Clustering
26-02-2018 Others The Outstanding Student Awards Presentation Ceremony
26-02-2018 Distinguished Lectures On the Design of Sparse and Efficient Structures in Operations
24-02-2018 Conference / Workshop The Greater Bay Area Optimization Day
03-02-2018 Conference / Workshop PolyU-HKBU-SDU JRC Workshop on Applied Mathematics with Financial Applications
29-01-2018 Seminar Longitudinal data analysis and its frontiers
18-01-2018 Others Faculty Awards for Outstanding Performance/Achievement 2016/17, Presentation Ceremony
11-01-2018 Distinguished Lectures Statistical and Computational Limits for Submatrix Localization and Sparse Matrix Detection

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