Date Categories Events
01-09-2017 Others Departmental Group Photo 2017
17-07-2017 Conference / Workshop Workshop on Stochastic Programs and Nonsmooth Optimization
11-07-2017 Distinguished Lectures A Diffusion Model for Limit-Order Book Evolution
10-07-2017 Distinguished Lectures From Statistical Downscaling to Multivariate Quantiles
27-06-2017 Distinguished Lectures Reaction-Diffusion in Ecology
29-05-2017 Conference / Workshop Workshop on Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling
29-05-2017 Distinguished Lectures D2D - Data to Decisions
29-05-2017 Distinguished Lectures On Efficiently Combining Limited-memory and Trust-region Techniques
23-05-2017 Distinguished Lectures Zooming in on the Sphere: Radial Basis Function Approximation with Many Length Scales
17-05-2017 Student Activities Student Learning Tour Singapore
11-05-2017 Conference / Workshop Workshop on Stochastic Analysis in Finance
02-05-2017 Distinguished Lectures AMA Chair Professor Inaugural Lecture on "Another Look at Subset Selection"
07-04-2017 Conference / Workshop Workshop on Analysis and Applications of PDEs
28-03-2017 Others The 13th MASS Talk
09-03-2017 Distinguished Lectures Data Based Nonlinear Distributions under Robust Expectations
04-03-2017 Student Activities Mentorship Tea Gathering 2017
02-03-2017 Others The 12th MASS Talk
05-01-2017 Distinguished Lectures Research Forum: Optimization and Statistical Learning in Big Data Analytics

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