Workshop on Vector Variational Inequalities and Related Topics


Date:                27 January 2007


Venue:              The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


Aims:                The multicriteria methodology has been widely used in management science, engineering design etc.  For example, the portfolio selection problem is to minimize the risk and to maximize the expected return and the traffic equilibrium problem is to minimize the cost and to minimize the travel time.  Vector variational inequality is a generalization of variational inequality and is a new mathematics model for the situation where the equilibrium, which is not a minimum of any functional, is sought and the multicriteria consideration is important.  This workshop aims to bring together researchers in this region to exchange their latest research development on vector variational inequalities and related topics.


Sponsor:          The AMSS-PolyU Joint Research Institute, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Lectures:          Only invited lectures are presented in the Workshop.


The following speakers have accepted the invitation to give a lecture:


1.     Chen G.Y., Academy of Mathematics and System Science

         Title of the talk: History and Models of Vector Variational Inequalities

2.     Huang N.J., Sichuan University

Title of the talk: An Extension of Gap Functions for A System of Vector Equilibrium Problems with Applications to Optimization Problems

3.     Huang X.X., Fudan University

Title of the talk: Levitin-Polyak Well-Posedness of Vector Variational Inequality Problems with Functional Constraints

4.     Lee G.M., Pukyong National University

         Title of the talk: On Sensitivity Analysis for Vector Optimization Problem

5.     Li S.J., Chongqing University

         Title of the talk: Contingent Derivatives of Set-valued Maps with Applications to Minty VVIs

6.     Lin L.J., National Chang Hua University of Education

         Title of the talk: Systems of Variational Inclusions Problems, Variational Disclusions Problems and Differential Inclusions Problems With Applications

7.     Yang X.Q., The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Title of the talk: A note on vector network equilibrium principles

8.     Yao J.C., The National Sun Yat-sen University

         Title of the talk: Sensitivity Analysis of Vector Equilibrium Problems

9.     Yen N.D., Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam

         Title of the talk: On the Parametric Affine Variational Inequality Approach to Linear Fractional Vector Optmization Problems

10.    Zheng X.Y., Yunan University

         Title of the talk: Variational Geometrical Results and Their Applications in Optimization


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Attendance:      Researchers and postgraduate students are welcome to attend the Workshop.


Registration:      The registration is free.  The lunch and dinner will be provided for registered participants.  Please contact the Workshop secretary for details.


Workshop secretary: Eva Yiu (email: and phone: (852) 2766 6947)


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