Engineering and Computational Mathematics


The diverse research group comprises staff members working in Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks and Optimization, Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics and Soliton Theory, Numerical Integration, Numerical Simulation of Combustion, Qualitative Theory of Nonlinear Differential Equations in Engineering Sciences and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. The group is a part of the group of the AMSS-PolyU Joint Research Institute for Engineering and Management Mathematics established in 2005.

Research projects by group members include:

The group members are also actively seeking consultancy opportunities.

Member of the Research Group

Prof. Lin Yanping, Professor (Group Leader)
Dr. He Daihai, Associate Professor
Dr. Lou Yijun, Associate Professor
Dr. Qiao Zhonghua, Associate Professor
Dr. Sze Nung Sing, Raymond, Associate Professor (Liaison Co-ordinator with the teaching staff members)
Dr. Wang Zhian, Associate Professor (Group Leader)
Dr. Guo Xin, Assistant Professor
Dr. Li Buyang, Assistant Professor
Dr. Zhang Zaikun, Assistant Professor
Dr. Zhou Zhi, Assistant Professor
Dr. Cui Jintao, Research Assistant Professor
Dr. He Yangbo, Teaching Fellow
Dr. Leung Chun Sing, Teaching Fellow
Dr. Ting Fridolin Sze Thou, Teaching Fellow
Dr. Zhang Hua, Teaching Fellow
Dr. Ho Chor Yin, Instructor
Mr. Leung Man Kin, Adam, Instructor
Dr. Leung Shun Him, Louis, Instructor

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