Applied Statistics and Financial Mathematics


This research group is led by Professor Jian Huang and Prof. Cedric Yiu. Members of this team have been undertaking research on the application of statistics and mathematics to problems in various fields such as finance, medical science and environmental science. Some of them have also maintained a long history of collaborative research with researchers from international renowned universities and research institutes. In addition, the team members are actively involved in the provision of advisory services to staff and students of the University as well as to the public via the Statistical Advisory Unit (StatAU). The main task of the group is to build up an international reputation through publishing high quality papers and involving in high level consultancy projects.

Research projects by group members include:

Member of the Research Group

Prof. Li Xun, Professor (Group Leader & Liaison Co-ordinator with the teaching staff members)
Prof. Yiu Ka Fai, Cedric, Professor
Prof. Zhao Xingqiu, Professor (Group Leader)
Dr. Huang James, Associate Professor
Dr. Liu Chun Ling, Catherine, Associate Professor
Dr. Xu Zuoquan, Associate Professor
Dr. Jiang Binyan, Assistant Professor
Dr. Wong Kin Yau, Alex, Assistant Professor
Dr. Yu Xiang, Assistant Professor
Mr. Tsoi Sze Leong, Frankie, Instructor

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