AF TechLab

The AF TechLab represents the leading edge of innovation in teaching and research with the school of Accounting and Finance at PolyU. This path-breaking lab is taking the top talent from our undergraduate and graduate programs and helps them to develop advanced analytics skills using industry dominant platforms such as Python and R. From machine-learning and webscraping, to modeling and prefiction, textual analytics and integrated reporting skills, the AF-TechLab students are pioneers for the future age of accounting and finance.

The mission and objectives of the TechLab include:

  • To attract the talented and hard working students (Undergraduate, Master levels)
    • To study in both business and technology
    • To train the students the analytical tools and technology to better prepare for the industry demand
  • Dr. Koren Jo and Dr. Jingran Zhao
Internal Advisors:
  • Dr. Jimmy Jin, Dr. Gilbert Park, Dr. Zhao Jing, and Mr. Jack Poon
External Advisor:
  • Dr. Paul Sin, Partner, Consulting, Deloitte China