Guidelines for Poster Presentation

 Name Poster Title Poster No.
 Mr. Siyu Pan  Ultrasensitive and rapid detection of H2S by an upconversion nanosensor 1
 Dr. Min Wang Overcoming Thermal Quenching in X-ray Scintillators through Multi-excited State Switching  2
 Dr. Yuxia Liu Water permeation in TRPV1 ion channels enables drug-free pain management  3
 Dr. Hisashi Ohno  Development of a near-infrared fluorescence probe for hROS based on the p-TICT mechanism 4
 Mr. Mizuki Sugimoto Development of a fluorescence probe for detecting intramitochondrial nitroreductase activity based on twisted intramolecular change transfer 5
 Mr. Yoshikazu Fuse  Development of a novel silicon-phthalocyanine derivative for photoimmunotherapy and its application to adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma. 6
 Prof. Satoshi Habuchi Single-particle fluorescence imaging in plant tissues using J-aggregate nanoparticles  7
 Dr. Jiqiang Liu Iridium(III) Complexes Decorated with Silicane-Modified Rhodamine: Near-Infrared Light-Initiated Photosensitizers for Efficient Deep-Tissue Penetration Photodynamic Therapy  8
 Dr. Guochen Bao  Near-infrared light-triggered Photodynamic therapy by lanthanide complex 9
 Dr. Cyrille Charpentier    Influence of the position of the drug for delivery in a bottlebrush polymer, followed by fluorescence 10
 Mr. Yulin Deng TBC 11
 Mr. Hongyu Zhao TBC 12
 Ms. Aliya Tiemuer Visualizing Lead(II) Proteomes with NIR Fluorescence 13
 Mr. Haitao Liu  Enhancing Brain Drug Delivery: RVG29-Conjugated Polymeric  Nanoparticles and their Real-time Intracellular Transport 14
 Dr. Allen Ka Loon Cheung  Luminescent peptide against EBV latent membrane protein 1 augments γδ T cell cytotoxicity against nasopharyngeal carcinoma by induction of butyrophilin molecules 15
 Dr. Ka Yan Karen Kung Fluorogenic Protein Labeling by Generation of Fluorescent Quinoliziniums Using [Cp*RhCl2]2  16
 Dr. Ajcharapan Tantipanjaporn Development of quinolinium-based viscosity probes for lysosome imaging and tracing lysosomal viscosity changes in living cells 17
 Mr. Hongzhao Chen Fluorescent Dextran-based Tumor Vasculature Imaging and its Automatic Classification via Artificial Intelligence for Accurate Assessment of Therapeutic Efficacy 18
 Dr. Hsuan Lo Early diagnosis and enhanced therapy of Parkinson's disease via NIR-II dual-wavelength photoacoustic/fluorescence imaging with α-syn/ microglial TRPV1 targeting nano-drug platform 19
 Dr. Huimin Chang Fluorogenic rhodamine derived chemigenetic biosensor for moni-toring cellular NADPH dynamics 20
 Dr. Yue Wu Combining Pyrrole Chemistry with Solid-phase Peptide Synthesis: Practical Approaches to Multifunctional Fluorescent Peptide 21
 Mr. Yik-Hoi Yeung Development of Synthetic Approaches in Preparing Luminescent Lanthanide Probes for Biomedical Applications 22
 Xinyue Lao TBC 23
 Yingjin Ma TBC 24
 Mr. Jerry Chun-Kit Yau TBC 25
 Mr. Wai-Ki Wong TBC 26
 Ms. Kwai Man Lau Specific Activation of Photosensitizer with Extrinsic Enzyme for Precisive Photodynamic Therapy 27
 Dr. Wei Long Live Cell Imaging and Real-Time Monitoring Nucleolus Morphology and Mitophagy with a Red Fluorescent and Photostable rRNA-Specific Probe in Human Cancer Cells 28
 Mr. Billy Ka-Hin Chan A Fluorescent Small-Molecule Ligand Targeting NRAS mRNA G-Quadruplexes and Reactivating DNA Damage Response for Anticancer Study 29
 Dr. Minfeng Yang Label-free metabolic imaging for robust monitoring of combinational anti-CD47 immunotherapy and cetuximab-targeted therapy response in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck 30
 Mr. Xin Li A novel α-syn/ microglial TRPV1 targeting nanoplatform for early diagnosis and enhanced therapy of Parkinson's disease via NIR-II dual-wavelength photoacoustic/fluorescence imaging 31
 Dr. Junhui Zhang Highly Emissive Chiral Eu(III) Macrocyclic Probes with Strong MCPL Properties in Biological Environments 32