Representative Publications

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  4. Jiang L, LungHL , Huang T, Lan R, Zha S, Chan LS, Thor W, Tsoi TH, Chau HF Boreström C, Cobb SL, Tsao SW, Bian ZX, Law GL , Wong WT, Tai WCS, Chau WY, Du Y, Tang LHX, Chiang AKS, Middeldorp JM, Lo KW, Mak NK, Long NJ, Wong KL. Reactivation of epstein-barr virus by a dual-responsive fluorescent EBNA1-targeting agent with Zn2+-chelating function. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. 2019;116(52): 26614-24.
  5. Tsang MK, Wong YT, Tsoi TH, Wong WT, Hao J. Upconversion luminescence sandwich assay for detection of influenza H7 subtype. Advanced Healthcare Materials. 2019; 8(18): 1900575-83.
  6. Dai L, Lo WS, Gu Y, Xiong Q,  Wong KL, Kwok WM , Wong WT, Law GL. Breaking the 1,2-HOPO barrier with a cyclen backbone for more efficient sensitization of Eu(III) luminescence and unprecedented two-photon excitation properties. Chemical Science 2019; 10(17): 4550-9.
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  9. JiangLJ, LanRF,HuangT, ChanCF, LiHG, LearS, ZongJY, WongWY, LeeMML, ChanBD, ChanWL, LoWS, MakNK, LungML, LungHL, TsaoSW, TaylorGS, BianZX, TaiWCS, LawGL, Wong WT, Cobb SL, Wong KL. EBNA1-targeted probe for the imaging and growth inhibition of tumours associated with the Epstein-Barr virus. Nature Biomedical Engineering. 2017; 1(4): 0042.
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Book Chapters