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Food safety has been a major concern in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Reports on food poisoning and unsafe food have repeatedly made headlines in recent years, making food safety one of the top priorities locally and internationally. Addressing the importance of food safety, the HKSAR Government established the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) in 2006 under the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) with an aim to prevent food safety-related incidents through food hazard control measures and tighter laws and regulations.

An authority on food science and chemistry in Hong Kong, the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology (ABCT Department) has developed expertise in food engineering and food technology. Operating under the Department, FSTRC serves as a platform to strengthen local and international collaborations. Our vision and mission are as follows:


FSTRC aims to become a world-class food safety and food technology authority and offer one-stop services to safeguard public health.


Through an extensive range of research, consultancy and training programs supported by government grants and funding, FSTRC will be a hub of food safety in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Six Key Research Areas

FSTRC actively promotes the research and development of food safety and technology in six key areas, namely 1) testing and certification, 2) risk analysis and toxicology, 3) functional food development, 4) innovative technology development, 5) nutrition and public health and 6) education and professional development. Combining the findings and solid scientific research experience of its team, FSTRC has developed various innovative food technologies to address the issue. It also aims to raise public awareness of food safety through education programs, information sharing and related risk analytical research.


Food Hygiene Standard Certification System (FHSCS) for local catering industry
Dr. Kahing Wong / Dr. Ka-sing Leung

Development of rapid detection tools, bionsensors and chemosensors for the application on environmental surveillance, biomedical diagnosis and food testing

  • A highly selective FRET-based fluorescent probe for rapid detection of food contaminants
    Dr. Mankin Wong
  • Develop rapid detection methods for foodborne pathogen and toxic substances in food
    Dr. Sheng Chen

Conduct risk-benefit analysis of fish consumption by comparing the levels of methyl-mercury and OMEGA-3 in different types of fish
Prof. Laurie Chan / Prof. Samuel Chun-lap Lo / Dr. Ka-sing Leung

Comprehensive baseline studies of contaminants in food, e.g. nitrates & nitrites in bird's nest
Dr. Kahing Wong

Study bacterial pathogenesis and structure – function of bacterial toxins
Dr. Sheng Chen

Innovation and Development on Chinese Medicine as Functional Food
Prof. Man-sau Wong / Dr. Yi Wang

Preparation of Highly Stable Selenium Nanoparticles with Anti-cancer Activity under a Food Grade Redox System
Prof. Kahing Wong

Sustainable nanomaterials and applications on food packaging
Dr. Yi Wang

Promote nutrition development, healthy and balanced lifestyle in Hong Kong and China

Set up Laboratory for Infant and Child Nutrition in Hong Kong Science Park

  • Research in Breast milk nutrition composition in Hong Kong
    Prof. Man-sau Wong
  • Survey on infant and children's nutrient bioavailability

Organize short courses and workshops for general citizens

Regular seminars and symposia

  • International Food Safety Symposia