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The Retention Center* helps instructor discover which students in the course may need extra attention (at risk) in 4 main areas. Instructors can communicate with students and help them take immediate action for improvement.

How to access the retention center in youe couse:

The Retention Center is automatically on and immediately visible in your My Blackboard menu. You can also access the Retention Center in the Evaluation section of a course's Control Panel. The information in the Retention Center is for instructors only and isn't seen by your students.

retention center menu

At the top of Retention Center, the red bar showing the number of students may need extra attention (at risk).

To drill in further, click on the bar to get more detail.

retention center overview 0

By drilling in the red bar, the 4 derived colored bar showing number of students may need extra attention in 4 areas; instructors could select each area for more detail by clicking on different colored bar and select links in the pop-up boxes to drill in further.

retention center overview 4 catss

Instructors can read the list of students who trigger the alert by clicking on the Displayed Number.

retention center list risk students

Instructors can send email to all listed students by clicking on the Notify.

retention center notify

For example, instructors can click on the activity alert box, than

  1. Clicking on the Displayed Number to read the list of students who trigger the alert and
  2. Clicking on the Notify to send email to all listed students.

retention center alert box

To send an email to individual student, select the red dot indicator in the student's cell and send an email to that student by clicking Notify.

Instructors could also include the student in the monitoring section in the right panel by clicking on Monitor.

retention center monitor

Instructors could view a student retention status by clicking on the Name of Student.

retention center retention status 1

Instructors could view the student risk factors and the notification emails instructors had sent, and add private notes about the student:

retention center retention status 2

1. Missed deadlines:  students that have missed deadlines

retention center missed deadline 1

retention center missed deadline

Alert is based on a defined due date for an assignment, test, or survey. Students who don't complete an assignment, test, or survey by the due date trigger an alert based on the option you choose:

  • Monitor all course deadlines: Determine how many deadlines must be missed and by how many days before an alert is triggered. From the menu, select More Than or Less Than the number of days you chose.
  • Monitor Specific Deadline: Make a selection in the Select Course Item menu. The due date for each item appears in parentheses. Then, select More Than or Less Than from the menu and type the number of days to trigger an alert.

2. Grades alert:  students that have low grades

retention center grade 1

retention center grade

Alert is based on a defined score for any grade or calculated column in the Grade Center. Students who score above or below the defined threshold for a specific grade item trigger an alert. Determine when a grade triggers an alert:

  • Set Grade Value: Use the menus to select above or below and points or percentage. Type a value.
  • Use Average Grades: Type the percentage and select above or below the average grade from the menu.

3. Activity alert:  students that have low activity

retention center activity 1

retention center activity

Alert is based on students' overall activity within your course. Students who are below a defined level of activity trigger the alert.

Blackboard measures the time a student works in a course with the data generated from his "clicks." Students are assumed to be working with a course from the time they click something in the course until the time they click something outside the course or log out. If a login session is timed out, Blackboard only counts the time until the last click within the course. The time isn't counted between the last click within the course and the timeout.

No weighting of clicks is assigned to any area.

Adaptive release rules aren't taken into account.

4. Access alert:  students that have not accessed the course in a while

retention center login 1

retention center login

Alert is based on the date users last accessed your course. Students who haven't logged in for a defined number of days trigger an alert.

How to customize the Retention Center

You can use the four default rules to receive alerts about how your students perform in your course, or you can edit the rules to customize them for your content and expectations.

* For more detail, go to https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Performance/Retention_Center