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The meeting report is a list of meeting participants, with their join time, leave time, and duration.  If the Attention Tracking is enabled in the meeting settings, participants’ Attentiveness Score will be available as well.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Join Time
  • Leave Time
  • Duration(Minutes)
  • Attentiveness Score: a percentage of total time in the meeting (if the feature is not turned on, it will always display 100%)

Access your Zoom meeting reports:

Instructors can access Zoom Meeting Reports via the Zoom tab in Blackboard.

  1. Click "Previous Meetings"
  2. Click "Report"
  3. You can download the report by clicking "Export as CSV file"

Previous meetings v2

Meeting report v2



  • Meeting reports are automatically deleted 30 days after the scheduled meeting date.
  • If you delete a meeting from your Meetings list in the web portal, you no longer able to generate reports for that meeting.  Previous generated report will also be deleted.
  • You should generate meeting reports after your meeting has ended.