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Gamification in learning can improve student’s creativity, risk-taking and problem solving skills. It engages students in learning more effectively which leads to better academic performance. A well-designed game combined with good pedagogical approach not only adds “FUN” to your teaching contents but also helps to stimulate student’s mind and increases their participation in learning activities such as tutorial workshops, peer collaboration, and out-of-classroom learning.

Game can be one of the building blocks in your teaching module. Let’s inspire your students by adding game elements to your course.

✎ Showcases:

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⚑ From Idea to Production: 
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🖥️ PolyU Desktop Sharing (UDS) of TEAL Lab: 


The TEAL desktops equipped with high performance hardware components for game development and video editing. These desktops are available to PolyU students for remote access during non-teaching period.  This user guide provides steps (windows platforms only) to install the UDS client, remote access to the TEAL desktops, and save your works/files. User Guide: Download📥


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