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Tentative removal schedule for the LEARN@PolyU(理學網) 2019/20 academic year

Course terms will be unable to access


 2019/20 Semester 1 and before


 2019/20 Semester 2 and before


 2019/20 Semester 3 and before


(Last update: 2021-01-03) 

Courses requiring more than 12 months’ teaching period

Course instructors can apply to retain their courses in the LEARN@PolyU (理學網) for longer than 12 months if there are no copyright materials in the courses. ITS will inform the course leaders and obtain their confirmation. The course instructors are recommended to send the request to HOTS one month prior to the archiving operation of that course. Application form can be downloaded via the following link. Please fill in the detail and submit it as an attachment to the HOTS to complete the application.
Blackboard Application Form – Course Retain

Course content backup

Please refer to the download procedures below to save your course content. Please be reminded that video at uRewind, Turnitin report and recording from Blackboard Collaborate Ultra has to be download and backup separately.

Restoration procedure

Archived courses will be kept in a local on-premise server for 5 academic years. Course instructors can send the restoration request to HOTS with the following information:

  • Course ID
  • Teaching year
  • Semester

Requests will be handled within two weeks. Courses will be restored in a staging server for the instructors to retrieve data in the course in a three months activation period. The course will be automatically removed after the activation period.

For further information, please contact IT HelpCentre via the following channels:

Submit a request to https://www.polyu.edu.hk/hots

  WhatsApp / WeChat: 65779669 ,  Hotline: 27665900