DG Management Program

Safe handling of chemicals in compliance with relevant legislations is crucial to protect our staff and students in the course of their research works and classes. The management of chemicals, including purchase and storage of chemicals on campus, may post a risk of violation on legal regulation if they are not properly managed. In this regard, the Academic Council has recently agreed to the setting up of a central database and procurement of hazardous materials. The Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO) actively takes up the role in planning and execution of this management decision. As such, the Dangerous Goods Management Team (DGMT) was established in March of 2016 under HSEO to enhance chemical safety on campus via keep watching the entire lifecycle of chemicals, including but not limited to procurement, delivery, use, storage and disposal of chemicals, the DGMT also provides assistance and training to colleagues in PolyU, and liaises with other sister institutes and government departments.


Click HERE for additional information on DG Management and Central Chemical Purchase (for PolyU staff and students only) 



For enquiries on the procurement of chemicals, dangerous goods store service and waste collection service, please approach Dangerous Goods Management Team


Chemical Handling Depot:  U203
Tel: (852) 3400-8416
Fax: (852) 2320-9925
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