Academic Programmes

The Faculty’s programmes equip students with knowledge and practical application abilities essential in a wide range of professions. Graduates of programmes can expect employment in commerce, media, publishing, education, service-oriented, or the communication industry.

Multilingual and intercultural competency

Our students are attuned to the needs of our knowledge-based and technology-intensive society. Situated in the culturally stimulating urban context of Hong Kong, our programmes offer the best of both worlds. Whether you are learning Chinese language and culture or English Language on its own or striving for multilingual and intercultural competency, you will be well equipped for your career in the Greater China region as well as the wider international context.

Exchange Programme

For students currently residing and studying overseas but want to pursue your entire programme at FH, you can apply for full time studies as an international student.

For students currently studying overseas but want to study at FH for a shorter period, student exchange or study abroad programme may be a more appropriate choice for you. Study abroad programmes offered by FH include SILK Road International Summer School (2014) and the Erasmus Mundus Mobility Programme (2011-2015)

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