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Begin BOT in January 2015!

Begin BOT in January 2015!

Are you using LEARN@PolyU (理學網) but want to explore more of its potential?

Do you want to create more engaging online activities for students? Communicate in different ways with your class? Try using social media?

Starting 5 January 2015, we will be offering our Becoming an Online Teacher (BOT) Certificate for the third time. This course provides a blended learning opportunity that will have a direct impact on your teaching. The three modules combine theory with application, allowing you to focus on your experience and teaching and learning practice at PolyU.

You will be guided and supported through:

  •  the experience of being an online learner;
  • planning and developing online learning activities in Blackboard; and
  • using and evaluating online activities with your own students

Modules 1 and 2 have approximately 12 study hours and Module 3 about 14 hours.

There are only 5 compulsory face-to-face sessions in the whole course. The rest of your study is online and flexible, so you can study when and where you want. However bear in mind that you are part of a cohort of participants, and you are expected to communicate and collaborate with others, so there are time frames for activities and deadlines for completion.

Note that Module 3 requires you to have an active class of your own students to work with.

To receive the BOT certificate you must attend all face-to-face sessions and complete a range of online tasks.

To join the BOT course you must be:

  • full-time staff with regular teaching responsibilities;
  • already be familiar with Blackboard’s basic features and interface; and
  • be using it with your own students.

Further details:

Outcomes & Modules and BOT Schedule

The enrolment deadline to join the third BOT course is Monday 29 December 2014.

Enquiries Jenny Evans – Room TU625


phone: 2766 6318

Hennie Yip – Room TU609


phone: 2766 6274

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