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Our BOT graduates!

Our BOT graduates!

The first offer of the BOT course came to an end on Friday 9th May.  Thirty teaching staff graduated with the Certificate in Becoming an Online Teacher after completing all three modules over the semester, having started the course in early January. There were graduates from all of the PolyU Faculties and from SHTM. The numbers of staff who completed:

  • Faculty of Health & Social Studies = 11
  • School of Hotel & Tourism Management = 6
  • Faculty of Humanities = 5
  • Faculty of Applied Science & Textiles = 4
  • Faculty of Business = 2
  • Faculty of Construction & Environment = 1
  • Faculty of Engineering = 1

All of those who completed the whole BOT course went through a process of designing, developing and implementing a blended learning e-tivity with their own students during the semester. This was challenging but most were very successful, with some teachers surprised at the level of participation from students and their positive response. In all, 2317 students were involved in different e-tivities in 30 subjects across the university.

Even those BOT participants who encountered many difficulties with their “e-tivity” appear determined to try again. So we will be seeing a lot more blended learning in the academic year ahead! Four people received special commendations for their excellent performance and consistent contributions to the BOT course. These were Martin Chow (EIE), Joy Wei He (MM), Adam Forrester (ELC) and Renia Lopez (Engl).

Congratulations to all our BOT graduates for their hard work, perseverance and innovative thinking!

Here are some of the staff who shared their blended learning experiences at the end of the course with Dr Angela Ho, Director of EDC, and BOT facilitators, Hennie Yip and Jenny Evans:



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