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Video Conferencing for Teaching and Learning – summary for using VC

Why are you interested in video conferencing for teaching and learning?

  • Multiple video sites/users
  • Sharing of content/screen 1
  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Smoothness
  • Conduct lectures via VC
  • Students can attend off campus
  • Lessons can be offered to international students
  • To help students learn more
  • To help students learn faster
  • To bring the outside world inside “our” world
  • Able to engage students from different geographical areas
  • Varied learning process – flipped classroom to make things more interactive and interesting
  • Meetings from different locations on campus
  • Bring overseas speakers to class
  • Online delivery for learning
  • Explore tools to facilitate teaching & learning
  • Understand more about the tools technically
  • Learn how to technically “control” the process for teaching & learning
  • Remote thesis
  • Guest lecturer from overseas
  • Group meetings
  • Distributed teaching
  • Institutional collaboration
  • Enriched learning materials for students
  • To support eLearning sub-committee

A short summary of the systems (PDF)

Workshop 1 slides (PDF)

Workshop 3 slides (PDF)

The survey link –


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