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BOT Outcomes & Modules: Cohort 1

BOT Outcomes & Modules: Cohort 1

The three modules that make up the Becoming an Online Teacher (BOT) Certificate course will be delivered once per semester beginning in Semester 2, 2013-14.


Course Learning Outcomes

All three modules will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • develop and apply innovative blended learning approaches aligned to your teaching and subject(s)
  • have a real experience of being an online learner. and be part of a learning community
  • critique and evaluate your own blended teaching approaches as part of being a reflective practitioner
  • identify the issues involved in embedding blended learning approaches in your subject discipline


Overview of Modules

Module 1: Being an Online Learner

Conducted over four weeks with one 2 hour face-to-face orientation meeting and a variety of online materials and activities to engage with.

The module will cover the status, scope and significance of online learning in higher education today, including current trends such as MOOCs and “flipped” classroom. The challenges and benefits of being an online learner will be considered, along with the question of what it means to be an online teacher. You will be asked to relate these issues to your own context and teaching practices.

Module 2: Designing e-tivities

Conducted over four weeks with two x 1 hour face-to-face meetings and a variety of online materials and activities to engage with.

You will engage with a range of learning approaches and tools, and critique and evaluate them. You will go on to design your own blended learning activity and consider how this could be implemented in your teaching.

Module 3: Teaching with e-tivities

Conducted over eight weeks in order to allow for holidays and actual use with students. There will be one x 1 hour meeting and one 2 hour final meeting for participants to share their experiences. Online resources will be available and a personal mentor for consultation and advice.

You will build on knowledge and work from Modules 1 & 2 in order to use a blended learning activity with your own students during the semester. You will be required to evaluate the activity and provide evidence of reflection on your teaching practice.


If you have attended compulsory face-to-face sessions and completed required online activities you will receive the BOT Certificate.

We are also looking into other forms of accreditation such as Open Badges to make available as the course progresses.






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