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New Modules and Sandboxes!

New Modules and Sandboxes!

A few new changes have taken place in LEARN@PolyU(理學網) and they include:


  •  5 NEW online modules examining Course Design and the use of  Blogs, Wikis, Journals and Discussion Forums in L@PU is now available. You can access these and other online modules at EDC_Bb101: Learn@PolyU (理學網) Training
  • All full time academic staff members have access to their own Sandbox course.   A Sandbox course is your own area within LEARN@PolyU(理學網) where you can test out your skills and improve your use of tools in L@PU.   You may also wish to use the resources and materials within the online moduleswith your Sandbox course.  Non-academic staff should contact ITS for their own Sandbox course.  If you do not have a Sandbox course you can request for one by contacting ITS at 2766 5900 or HOTS

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