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14th Dec 11





Uses of Sub-sample Estimates in Stochastic Optimization Models



Professor John R. Birge




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22nd Nov 11





Distinguished Chinese Visiting Scholar Scheme - Public Lecture and Seminar



Professor Jiang Boju




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31st Oct 11





Academic Seminar on Game Theory by Nobel Laureate Professor John F. Nash, Jr. (31 Oct, 2011)



Professor John F. Nash, Jr.




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21st Oct 11





Robust Conic GPLM - A New Optimization - Based Method under Uncertainty with Applications in Finance and Regulatory Systems



Professor Gerhard - Wilhelm Weber




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4th Oct 11





Solution to an optimal control problem by Krotov method



Professor Jinghao Zhu




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22nd Jul 11





On the Estimation of Integrated Covariance Matrices of High Dimensional Diffusion Processes



Dr. Xinghua Zheng and Dr. Yingying Li




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3rd Jun 11





Modelling, algorithm and simulation of wave motion in quantum and plasma physics



Professor Weizhu Bao




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16th Mar 11





Dynamical Geometry: from Order to Chaos and Sierpinski Pedal Triangles



Professor Jiu DING




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10th Feb 11





Testing Stochastic Orders



Professor Jinde Wang




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11th Jan 11





Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations and Their Numerical Methods



Professor Boling Guo




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